Making The Most Of Your Participation

The workshop is INTENSE.  It is exhausting.  It is 6 FULL DAYS – breakfast is early (included), and sessions begin at 8 am and run until 5 or 6 pm.  Indeed, there are a couple of days that sessions that can run into 8 pm or so.  Note, this is like an intense course – not a vacation.  Hence you receive 3 credit hours in a week!  But without exceptions, our students tell us that while they were exhausted by the end of the workshop, they indicate it was worth it!  Indeed, several come back multiple years (on their own dime) in order to participate.  You will be tired but inspired!  Promise!


Attire: Houston is muggy.  However, indoors AC units run constantly – indeed, bring a sweater or light jacket as auditoriums can get chilly.  No need to dress up (no suit needed).  Business casual is fine. 

Food and Drinks are not allowed inside Shell Auditorium, and this will be strictly enforced.  Water bottles are the exception. We recommend you bring your own water bottle to refill at the fountains as needed in the event we run out of bottled water.

Meals:  Breakfast and lunch are included in your registration for all days.  For your evening meals, the Texas Medical Center and the neighborhood around Rice University has AWESOME restaurants fitting all budgets. So for dinner, you have many options nearby. The following URL provides information on dining options -  - or check out Yelp. 

Step out your comfort zone, network with local attendees who will likely be happy to share their favorite eateries with you!  They might have transportation too!

Breaks:  The workshop is long because we have to meet mandated requirements for contact hours in order to offer academic and CEU credits.  So the breaks are brief.  We suggest that participants can stand and stretch between speakers, or even stand in the back during an entire presentation.  Feel free to use the facilities when needed, without waiting for a break. The women's restroom, in particular, tends to get crowded with long lines.  

Lactation Room Available for breastfeeding and/or mothers who need to pump. It is located in the Rice Memorial Student Center - same building where most of our meals are taken - near the courtyard.  For access ask the front desk of the RMSC.

Prayer / Meditation Room available for quiet place to worship or mediate. This is located in the Rice Memorial Student Union where most of our meals are taken. It is near the courtyard. Please ask the staff member at the front desk of the RMSC for access.


Accommodations for Participants with Special Needs

Dietary Needs

If you indicated food allergies or special dietary needs at the time of registration, then we will make arrangements to try to meet your dietary needs. Approximately one week before the workshop, you will receive confirmation of your dietary needs, along with instructions on how to ensure you receive the meals allotted for you. 

Onsite Same Day Registrants: While we will do our best to accommodate your dietary needs, we cannot guarantee it. Please contact Dr. McKyer at the beginning of your participation to see if arrangements can be made.

Accessibility for Disabilities and Other Needs

Rice University and Shell Auditorium is an accessible campus, with resources available to conference attendees to meet most disability and alter-ability needs.  In order to ensure equipment and/or staff are prepared for your special needs, please contact Dr. McKyer no later than June 9th, 5 pm so that we have the time to ensure arrangements to facilitate your participation and enjoyment.   

Dr. E. Lisako J. McKyer, MPH, FAAHB