Congratulations Scholarship Recipient!

Attendance & Scholarships  


Attending all the required events are part of the terms of the scholarship you have received. In the past, we’ve had scholarship recipients skip sessions, or leave half-a-day, etc., and thereby violating the terms of the awards.

Note - those who do not attend all required sessions jeopardize their scholarship.  The hotel bill is paid by Dr. McKyer at the end of the workshop after attendance is verified. She will prorate the coverage for those who fail to meet scholarship obligations.  In other words, you might find yourself stuck with a part if not all of the bill.  Further, faculty sponsors/advisors will be informed. 


We get it! We understand why you wish to stay longer as a tourist -  because Houston is an awesome city.  However, this is an academic event.  We suggest for those who wish to be tourists, to arrange for travel and accommodations before or after the workshop, and to do so at your own expense.


Frequently Asked Questions


What time do I need to be there?  

Sessions begin at 8 am.  Scholarship recipients should arrive in time to eat breakfast (covered) and at the venue by the start of the program each day.

How late do I need to stay?

Until the end of the program.  Check the program for times as each day differs.  When there are sessions that go into the evening (e.g., past 7 pm) we will have something to tide you over until you can get a real meal.

What meals are included?

Breakfast, break snacks, lunch.  While we do provide beverages, I recommend bringing a refillable water bottle!  

The breaks are too short! How about time to stretch and use the facilities?

Yes, the program is long because we have to meet mandated requirements for contact hours in order to offer academic and CEU credits.  So the breaks are brief.  We suggest that participants can stand and stretch between speakers, or even stand in the back during an entire presentation.  Feel free to use the facilities when needed, without waiting for a break. The women's restroom, in particular, tends to get crowded with long lines.  

How much money do I need to bring?

You need enough to pay for ground transportation between airport and hotel (see "Getting There" section), as well as money for dinners/evening meals, incidentals, etc.  The exact amount is dependent upon your needs and budgets. 

What about receipts for other expenses?

As per your scholarship award letter, some other expenses can be covered.  However, receipts are REQUIRED!  We strongly recommend taking a photo immediately of each receipt, and emailing it to yourself (in case you lose your phone). Then you'll have all needed receipts in one place, easy to submit at the end of the workshop.  

I have more questions. Who do I contact?

Contact Dr. E. Lisako J. McKyer at   or